Monday, March 26, 2007

Blinded by Anime

Friday was a vacation day for the tall children that inhabit my house so I took it as a vacation day as well. We already had plans to go to Anime Detour in the cities beginning on Saturday but I thought it might be a treat for my daughter especially to go down a day early.

All I can say is, oh boy!

My daughter says it was the best weekend of her life. I’m glad she had fun. It was certainly the best people watching event that I’ve ever attended. I didn’t pay to go to the convention but we did have rooms at the hotel. Most of my time was spent running around with my talented friends and rolling naked in their fabric stash; well, not really naked, but I definitely got friendly with her fat quarters. (That in and of itself is a sentence you will never see in a quilt book).

But back to the convention.

Some of the costumes that the attendees had on were fabulous! And some of the guys that were dressed up as anime girly girls? Let me just say that they were exploring a little bit more than just a love of the genre. It was wonderful! I can bet that many of the kids are the lurking loners in their native habitat. Put them all together and the sense of community was palpable. They had found their people and it was constantly entertaining to watch.

There were times when the gals in the micro-skirts and fishnet stockings revealed just how mini their thongs were as well as the guys in their short skirts letting a few too many people in on the fact that it’s hard to package the jewels in scanty panties, but that, too, was entertaining.

And the look on the muggle’s faces who just happened to be booked in the hotel on the weekend when 3,000 costumed anime freaks descended into their happy little world?
As the commercial says, priceless. To the soccer moms who stood by the registration desk and muttered to each other "What in GOD'S NAME is this???" All I can say is, when you are faced by a seven foot tall costumed person of unknown sex with a four foot long paper mache head, it's best to get your pretty MILF ass out of the way.

Since the bag I made my daughter was quite the hit, we've been brainstorming ideas for the next convention...crafty ideas...crafty anime ideas. I'm going to have to wait and see what the rules are for vendors there but it is a vast, untapped market for people like my daughter and myself, you know, girlz with skilz.

There will be photos and videos once they find their way off my camera.

I think I need to lay down now.

Added later: Here is someone's video of the weekend in which my daughter finds her way into a couple of shots

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