Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coloring Outside the Lines

There has been a decided lack of fiber content on this here blog so I thought I would start off my fiber discussion with a look at my freeform knitting/crochet. Currently I am knitting an absolutely boring sweater for my son that has to be acceptable for the school uniform so I am obeying someone else’s rules…not something I enjoy doing in a part of my life that I do for fun…

Today I’ll show you a panel of a blanket that was given to me from the knitters at the Northwoods Fiber Retreat which I happen to run. Every retreat we make a 12 inch square and then put them together at the retreat and give it to someone. Knowing how I like the weird and the wacky, the guidelines for this afghan square were “anything crazy”. Not knowing that I was going to get the afghan, I made my square and then got all veklempt because I liked it so much and I didn’t want to give it away…I got attached to it and attachment is not a good thing. I thought about how cool everyone at the retreat was and that it would go to someone who would appreciate it.

And then what do you know, I got it back! I think it is one of my favorite projects and yes, if you look closely, there are seashells super glued onto it. It was not knit as a square but I built it piece by piece, attaching new yarn as I went, knitting in various directions and crocheting when I felt like it. I also have a bag that I created that I will photograph later.

I think what I enjoy about freeform the most is that when I create something, I am not imagining a textile, I am imagining whatever inspired me. This little square was inspired by a skin diving experience in Indonesia. My freeform bag was also inspired by water. I think I need to stretch my creative muscles next time and find my inspiration away from the water.

That is, if I ever get this damn sweater finished!

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