Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jilted for a Level Seven Healer

Drama, drama, drama.

For anyone reading this blog for any length of time, you may note a conspicuous dearth of blogging about my husband. That's basically because he does two things, he works and he plays World of Warcraft. And when I say that he does just two things, I sincerely mean that. He does not participate in our lives, he just bitches about things that he knows nothing about and pervades the house with Eu du Negativity.

Well, ACTUALLY, he does THREE things! He works, plays World of Warcraft, AND fucks around with his level 7 healer.

"Fucks" being a word meaning "having pathetic online and telephone sex" with his level 7 healer.

All of this came out after he called me out to the garage to discuss the fact that his level 7 healer has a husband and guess what! That husband found out and believe it or not, was none to happy about the state of affairs. Level 7 healer's husband tracked me down on the internets and was planning on calling me at work to tell me that my husband was an ass. Funnily enough, I already knew it, but just not the degree of assholedness.

I've been comtemplating escape routes for awhile now but there is nothing like a touch of adultery to grease the wheels of progress.

The most pathetic thing is that he doesn't realize how pathetic he is. There have been moments since he told me this that I actually stopped and started laughing to myself. He has a family in front of him and a woman online that he has never physically met. He actually tried to justify his actions because "You don't understand how important World of Warcraft is to me."

Hmmmm. Silly me. My priorities for the past 17 years have been raising happy, well rounded kids. Obviously, I don't see the BIG picture.

Well, financially it will be scary but mentally, I am so much better off. I needed this kick in the ass years ago. I needed someone to grab me by my face and say "you are enabling a loser!"

Damn! Looks like I could have used a level 7 healer!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time to have a spouse removal. Good luck to you and the kids and dogs.

Rebecca Hartong said...

Ay yi yi... Although you're certainly better off with the loser out of your life, it's a pity you can't get him to leave all his future income behind.

A friend of mine -- a man of the northland -- lost his wife several years ago when she ran off with a musher. It's great as the punch line of a joke (as, indeed, is your "level seven healer" story), but the reality is less amusing.

I'm sorry for the really unpleasant time you've been having and the unpleasantness yet to come.

And now, people with children in strollers are starting to file in to the Panera where I'm writing this, so... I must leave. Quickly.

Best of luck to you in your re-adjustment.

amyroz said...

"You just don't understand how important World of Warcraft is to me....." AHHHHHH! It is obvious what is NOT important to him..... Is the "other husband" a scary type of guy?? Hopefully...

Anonymous said...

Get a great lawyer (NOT a Duluth lawyer) and leave town! The last bit of cleaning house and shedding excessive weight is finally upon you. Fortunately, you have the dogs & children. Good luck & best wishes!