Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finished Fibery Stuff

Knitting last weekend included this hat for our friend's baby that we visited. It is identical to my own winter hat that I spun the yarn for and knit for the Knitting Olympics last winter. Mine is yellow and black. I LOVE my hat.

When I wore it to work once, I was met with the comment "That hat would look really cute...on my 5 year old."

Perhaps the snark was unintended but I like to think that it was absolutely intentional. Behaving in any way that remotely resembles fun is highly frowned upon.

I finally got around to taking a photo of my most favorite completed project of the moment which I spun the yarn for and knit. It is the Yarn Harlot's totally reversible scarf pattern and I have made about 4 or 5 of these now. All donated except this one. I find that this is the perfect pattern for showing off hand spun yarn.

Cast on 26 stitches. K2, K 1 through the back, Purl 1. Repeat. End with a K2. If you alter the stitch amount, do so in increments of 4. Keep repeating this until you are blind...

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