Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's a bobsled ride to hell

So, the party went fine. The leftover beer was split between myself and another employee, my share will go to keep my husband hoppy (yes, it's a bad joke, not a mispelling). There were no tragedies, no drunken fistfights, no one lost an eye and not a single soul was marred for life. In other words, it was 180 degrees in the opposite direction from one of my family reunions.

I spent last night wrapping the kid's presents and we managed to fit them under the tree. I say managed because our tree is as understated as possible this year. My daughter took the top from our artificial tree and plopped it in the tree stand. One strand of lights, a single pine cone as an ornament, and you have the essence of the minimalist Christmas bush. Well, it would be minimilist if the kids didn't have those presents underneath...don't suppose I could get them to forego their gifts for esthetic reasons.

So, Christmas is two weeks away and I have nothing more to do that I would call significant. I might get a bit of cookies baked but I am am being coerced by no one.

Simple as a bobsled ride to hell.

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