Friday, December 29, 2006

Let's Play in the Snow!

It finally snowed! So what do you do when you finally get the first real snow of the season? You take your lunch period and you go play!

Here is the view from my office window

Let's take a walk through the skywalk to Canal Park.

There's the aquarium. It doesn't look like such a waste of tax dollars when it's all snowy and pretty...

Over the slip bridge...

Snowy Fish...

Even the God of the Sea finds it a tad snowy

Most popular Minnesota sport of the people...After shoveling a long drive way by hand you'll think all those hockey players are a bunch of wusses.

The first real snow of the season had Duluthians giddy with joy! Finally, the holiday spirit! Only four frickin' days late!

It's a proven fact, snow in Duluth is not only tastier, but it's more nutritious!

How about a little snowy video?

When I got home, my street was as pretty as a postcard.

So, this is what all those damn gardening shows are talking about when they mention "winter interest" as a gardening attraction. I just see this and think how lazy I was for not cutting this all down in the fall.

And here is the perfect definition of the "gloaming". This was the only picture I took around my house where the lighting was realistic.

now go out and play, hot chocolate and marshmallows at my place when we're done!

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Amysatx said...

Thanks for the great pictures! I miss it up there!! I grew up on the Range (Biwabik)-family still has a cabin in Ely, but I am now living in Texas. I found you on the MN knitting list.