Friday, December 15, 2006

The Tongue/Brain Barrier

Now there are, at times, a wee bit of exaggerating going on around here but amongst my random thought today are a few honest to goodness things that have fallen out of my mouth over the past week or so. I have an amazing tendency to speak before I think and an unquenchable thirst for the smart ass comment. This is a deadly combination when one is forced to work amongst adults that try to act, well, like adults.

To my chiropractor, who has been the best bonecracker I have ever been to, upon my visit when the base of my skull seemed to be inflamed and I was positive my brain was leaking out through my spinal canal: “I think I broke my head hole”

To my orthopedist whom I visited today with my multiple trigger-finger condition “Yes, it is uncomfortable, but what really hurts is when I shoot the webs out of my wrists when I’m chasing the bad guys”. (personal observation: a person with multiple trigger-fingers should get an honorary membership in the NRA and a really, really big gun…)

To the UPS man (who is so good looking that I would happily tell him what “Brown” could do for me) who walked into my office after having shaved off his beautiful dark brown hair: “Oh my God, global warming is even effecting the UPS carriers! You’ve molted!”

Thankfully a few things do get caught somewhere in the faulty idiot-net that is lodged in my cerebrum.

When I stood in line at the doctor’s office and I noticed that one corner of the reception area was a veritable shrine to George Clooney and then, upon asking who was the primary worshipper at the shrine, found out that it belonged to a forty-something overweight female with big hair, I didn’t say “Get laid much?” I didn’t say “High school was over two decades ago, it’s time to clean the pictures out of your locker”, and I didn’t say “When was the last time you did an honest assessment of your personal life?” What I did say was, “Niiiiiiiiccce…..”

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SCarrGo said...

Two things--uh, the lady with the Clooney? I might have gone with the high school comment. Of course, my best friend's space is similarly decorated with George Eads (tastefully hidden in the funeral home atmosphere, of course...), and I have managed to find her charming all this time, so, who knows?

Second, seriously, who is your chiro? Drop me an e-mail sometime, would you? :-)