Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cat's Cradle

So, what does a knitter do when she can't knit? She takes up other habits. Filthy habits. Habits you wouldn't tell your mother about. Such as smoking crack, dealing meth, and making tied polar fleece blankets.

I hate going along with the crowd. I read bestsellers five years after they go off the best seller list just so I'm not another sheep in the crowd. I cringe at current cinema and a part of me dies every time I accidently look at the cover of Oprah's magazine.

Needless to say, I never hopped on the whole polar fleece bandwagon. I tolerated the tied blankets as gifts and I threw up a little when I saw the hidious polar fleece fringed scarves.

But I was cold and my hands were not up to knitting a stitch, let alone a blanket. And in a moment of weakness I celebrated the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. by purchasing polar fleece at 50% off at Hancock Fabrics. Just that alone should have me flogged by the ethics police.

And so I made my blanket.

And it ROCKS!

So, what does one do when flush from brainless victory? They get all Martha and make the cat a bed since the cat thinks the blanket ROCKS too.

So I made it from scratch, winging it all the way. The end product? Flawless! It's quilted with high loft batting and two layers of fleece. I want to make one for myself.

And why didn't I take a picture of the cat IN the cat bed???

Because she HATES it!


Knitting Momma said...

That is NOT your mother's polar fleece. I love that funky, hippie look! And of course the cat hates the bed. She's a CAT.

Guinifer said...

I have to laugh.
I caved to the demands of my family a few years back and made those D*%#$ blankets a few years ago, one for each guy in the family. Two of them rest on our bed fold up for easy reach on chilly nights. Three guesses where the cat sleeps all day, and I'm thinking you'll get it on the first guess.

gtr said...

Ah, Cats. I was plotting to sew one just like that, with my own pattern, when I realized they loved towels, etc just as much.

But I highly recommend sewing funky fleece hats as a fine substitute for knitting. Very quick, forgiving, and less finger movement needed?

Do not be ashamed of the fleece!

Rebecca said...

I have a closet full of unused cat beds. And cat toys they no longer find amusing.

Cats. Hmpf.