Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just crucify me on my size 15 wooden needles

Perhaps I am a curmudgeon

And perhaps the world is round.

But the news that the Yarn Harlot is coming to the Twin Cities does not have me hyperventilating. I saw her in Eau Claire Wisconsin a few months ago and I enjoyed myself and I loved going out with the friends I went out with.

And here is the place where I place the “But”.

Here is the place where I should rename myself “The Yarn Heretic”.

Here is where I come out and repeat the phrase my boss used when speaking to the male shellfish at the shellfish hatchery in Maine.

“I think you’ve shot your wad”.

I thought this after her second book. Yes, there were times when I smiled to myself when I read it but in all honestly, I enjoy reading her free blog much more.

Perhaps her third book wasn’t necessarily aimed at people like me, perhaps none of her books are aimed at people like me. Perhaps whenever I see large groups of people doing anything, and I mean ANYTHING, I have to get all contrary and go the other way. Perhaps I am a bitch.

But I think I’ll just continue to read her blog and enjoy her “in the moment” and watch the rest of the knitting world fawn over her like she is a rock star for I am getting weary.

Oh, and I don’t fawn over any rock stars either.


Knitting Momma said...

You and I can spend some time in purgatory together, because I don't get it either. I find "Knitting Rules" useful, but I don't grok the current "Represent" thing. Is there a reason to "represent"? Are knitters now some kind of protected class requiring special action and maybe a Constitutional Amendment?

It's fun, yes. And a bit eyebrow-quirking-huh, too.

Amy said...

Heh. Well, you can count me in. I will go hear her in St. Paul--because I work in St. Paul the day she's there, so, you know, I might as well stay after work. But I wasn't inspired to drive to Eau Claire to see her.

On the other hand...the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-Along is coming to Minneapolis in June, and I am counting the days. So I'm not completely free of gaga behavior.

Jeanne said...

Hello...I just stumbled over from MN Knitters ring. I don't disagree. I found her talk in Eau Claire to be a repeat of what she has said on her blog, and I really hope she changes her talk for St Paul. I see the St Paul event as an opportunity to get a large group of knitters together. Maybe I'll even get to meet some bloggers I've been stalking face to face. 8-)