Friday, April 13, 2007

Not Waving But Drowning

Everything at my house is still in confusion due to the delivery of the carpet on Monday so I haven’t got any crafty things to talk about. I have been quelling my crafty urges by purchasing fabric, both online and in stores. I’ve been getting a little crazy for the zakka inspired fabrics from Japan and I am finally getting around to plotting out a little quilted wallhanging that I’m going to incorporate my “kitchen” fabrics into once I can wade through the mire to my sewing machine.

I think I’ll be using a quilt pattern that I thought up while in the bathroom at the Thunderbird hotel for Anime Detour. There was this really interesting design with the bathroom floor tiles and I actually sat on the throne and sketched them out in the hardcover book that I keep in my purse for just such inspirations. After I finish the wallhanging, I’ll probably look at it and every time, I’ll be inspired to go to the bathroom.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s last class at MCAD so we’ll be heading down to the cities, picking up a friend of mine along the way. After depositing said daughter at MCAD, we’ll mosey over to the textile center garage sale and perhaps a trip to Crafty Planet since she’s never been there.

Since I just found out that Hell’s Kitchen is coming to Duluth’s Canal Park, we’ll be heading over there for lunch so we can do a “compare and contrast” between the two restaurants.

I’m all about scientific research, you know.

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Amy said...

Lucky you...your Hell's Kitchen will be open for dinner and have a bar. No fair!