Saturday, May 19, 2007

Butt Sniffingly Good!

Yeah, Yeah Yeah, I can hear my friends now. They, who are of the canine loving persuasion, told me that when I got a puppy my life would change. They said I would be cleaning poop and feeding the dog that isn't mine and I would be smitten. I tried to deny it all. I tried not to fly too close to the sun...

Well, since I seem to be surrounded by dog people and I accidently heard about the Animal Allies Fundraising Walk at Bayfront Park today, of course we had to go.

Is this a canine 69?

At first, Shigure (aka Shuggie, aka The Shuginator, aka Pup-o-ratzi) was a little overwhelmed.

But he showed the big dogs his delicious soft underbelly

He admired the saaa-wheeet wheels on this pug

He saw big dogs

Curly Dogs

Another Corgi

Dogs in hats

Dogs that look like me when I wear short sleeves

Hippie Pugs

and of course, a duck.

We were encouraged to enter the cutest puppy contest.

And the winner?

Rumor has it, the first place puppy was doping. I can't confirm it but he was eating some highly suspiciou kibble. Anyway, second place is better than a wack on the nose with a rusty poker...Next stop? Westminster!

So, the walk began...

Two miles on four little tiny legs. Plus we walked a long way from where we parked.
Naturally we had to hydrate as any athlete must.

We had to investigate Bubba Bear outside the candy shop

Gratuitous shot of the second cutest puppy in Duluth

And at the end of the day, we were very, very tired.

Good dog!

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It looks like a fun day!
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