Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The dog ate my homework

I wrote a post on Sunday.
I wrote a post about going to the quilt shop in my pj's.
It was to get free things.
Nice, free things.
I bought this...

I made this...

The bag isn't crooked, the table is.

I wrote this all on Sunday...

I also wrote how I really liked my new machine and how I will use the bag as a earth friendly grocery bag.

I went into long expositions about how I used fast fuse and it is really stiff. I then explained that I will make another one without the fast fuse.

Yes, this was all explained right before blogger ate my post.

I also revealed the following:

The secret of life

The cure for cancer

The exact end date for our universe

And the actual final number in pi.

But thanks to blogger, you'll never know now, will you?

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Rebecca Hartong said...

Ultimately, it was the fickleness of blogger.com -- and an ego-driven desire to be the master of my own domain -- that led me to finally quit blogger and go with Wordpress. Wordpress is free and you can register a domain name and buy some hosting from godaddy.com for a lot less than you might think.