Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sentimental Journey

Awhile ago, I started working on a photo quilt. I've set it aside for a few weeks as I found myself getting all nostalgic and weepy when I began to look through all the photos. I would sit down to sew and get lost in just looking at the images.

I wanted to also work with the photos in my altered books so this morning I sat down to scan a few. I have so many photos of people that I don't know that once belonged to my mom (actually my aunt that raised me, but my "mom" nonetheless). People that I would love to have the story behind...

I love the shy intimate moment that this picture captures. Are they mother daughter? I'll never know.

How about some really wild girls?

By the looks of the streamers on the car, I'm wondering if they aren't involved in a wedding

Here is a photo of my husband's dad, I love the sweet look in his eyes.

I remember my aunt saying that this was one of her favorite photos of herself. This must have been around 1935.

Here is a photo that I really love and it has four very significant women in my life.
My grandmother, my aunt (pictured above) who raised me, my cousin/sister as a baby, and my real mother at the far left

I also have a lot of photos from World War II and Korea. My favorites from them?
How about the liberation of Paris?

Or a field visit from a very famous blond?

Yes, that is Marilyn Monroe. And if you are my daughter's age, I'd like to let you know that yes, she used to be famous.

On a more intimate note, I found this picture of my genetic family two years before I was born. I do believe this would be known as a "wack" of kids...

Here is my genetic mom and my brother Duane, her first baby. It's interesting to see how young and fresh she looks in this picture compared to the one above. I always laugh when people say kids keep you young.

Here are my paternal grandparents with my dad standing directly behind my grandmother and my uncle by marriage standing next to him.

And to add my stunning self to the mix, here I am during lifeboat certification training at Great Lakes Maritime Academy. I was the only girl so they wanted to make sure they got a picture of me. Right after this was taken, I gave them a profile shot while boosting my boobs up with my hands and saying "Believe it or not, there are females here!"

I'll bet there wasn't any females on this guys boat

And to end this little trip of nostalgia, here is one of my favorite pictures of my kids

I don't think they've sat that close since.