Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mary Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With coreopsis and daisey




Bee Balm

and hostas all in a row

I'm thinking of writing a commercial for HGTV. Something to do with my delphinium Bob and his erectile dysfunction

I also discovered that the morning glory seeds that I planted in the garden two years ago have finally decided to sprout. Since I believe in minimal weeding and low maintenance (no matter how high maintenance the garden), I just discovered the tangled vines this morning. I went ahead and did what I was planning on doing two years ago. I put up a tomato cage and wrapped the vines around it. Too bad that it is now in the middle of my "cornfield" as opposed to being in the middle of my flower garden. This is my garden that changes every year depending on my mood...

The potatoes are flowering, the corn is past my knees and the Nanking cherries are quite tasty

One last shot of horticultural porn: My orange pot.

As any first year art student can tell you, the orange pot represents my soul; bright, loud, showy, but inherently empty.

I told you Mary was quite contrary...

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