Thursday, August 23, 2007

And wear clean underwear too!

Never discuss social science experiements with your children. I'm just saying.

Never talk about how society doesn't want to get involved. And it is best not to mention the myriad of cases where horrible things happened to people in public as bystanders looked on and did nothing.

Why, you may ask, do I say this?

Because kids get to a certain age when they want to prove something.

Usually, they want to prove you wrong.

So, imagine my reaction when my son came into my workplace today after we had the aforementioned talk weeks ago. He came in wearing scrubs that were way to short.

And a gas mask.

He had worn the gas mask on the bus.

He had worn the gas mask while walking around town.

He even carried a self devised CD type case that he was using as a "tote" for his money. (I call it a purse but frankly, I can't handle any issues of sexual identity today. I just need a beer and a lie down). It looked like it could be some sort of a germ laden, radioacvtive device.

And what was learned by today's experience?

That mom is always right.

No one said a word. No one stopped him. No one asked a thing.

And the "Clean and Safe" team that patrols downtown and I suspect gets money from Homeland Security dollars didn't even bat an eye.

So, if you're planning a violent revolution that will involve dressing a 12 year old boy up in a gas mask and making people think he's just a freak but not really a threat?

Hey, momma says, it just might work.

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Holly Knitlightly said...

You just make my day! I absolutely love your blog. (Finally figured out how to comment on it) Ooooh, how about a Google account? Okay! Silly me.
Maybe I will see you at the yarn store someday, I'll be sure and introduce myself.