Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Job Hunting While Naked

Now, I know that getting a good job in this town when you don’t have at least a Bachelor’s degree is a crapshoot. Believe me, I’m still searching for a job with health insurance that will, at least, not inspire me to bring high velocity weapons to the workplace.

I have often muttered the phrase “Who do I gotta blow to get a good job around here” (best said with the stereotypical Italian Mafioso accent). Thankfully, that’s one question that I’ve never received an answer for.

But when I checked my blog stats and discovered that someone stumbled onto my blog while searching for “Porn jobs in Duluth”, it gave me pause.

Yes, I’m well aware that by naming this blog after a particular movie genre, I might have this happen. It just made me wonder whether that person’s job search has been more fruitful than mine.

I am left pondering a few things:

I don’t think there is a thriving adult film industry in Duluth but perhaps I am naïve.

I don’t think there is a job in this town that will give me both a decent paycheck, benefits, and job satisfaction, but perhaps I am naïve.

Is there a standard resume format that one should use when applying for an adult film job?

Just who do you include as references? Do you include “professional”, “personal”, and “very personal”?

Would my resume at least get a second look if I fabricated a past history of adult films? Would I get a "curiosity" interview?

What do you have to do for an interview in adult films?

And are you interviewed by one person or a panel?

I think the heat is starting to get to me....


Rebecca Hartong said...

Surely, Club Saratoga is still the place in town for finding the answers to these questions?


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't even think about that?! And they're right near Coldstone Creamery! Cuz if I'm going to a titty bar, I want me some ice cream too!

Shelly said...

Once, for a job that I knew that I had no chance of getting, I wrote a little blurb in the "Other" column of the resume (not that I actually called it "other"--probably more like "Barely Marketable Skills" or something...)

In between "Types a billion words a minute" and "has been known to occasionally get through the process of faxing a document without wanting to throw fax machine out the window" I wrote "Gives Good Head", followed by, "just checking to see if anyone actually reads these things..."

They don't.

Job Satisfaction PLUS benefits and money? Oh, you're so cute...