Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Losing my lunch

To the cleaning person in the staff lunchroom:

Lunch time is not a good time to clean the lunch room.

Neither is it a good time to take off your sandals and climb onto the counter.

The counter where we prepare our food.

And it isn’t necessarily appetizing when we watch you spray your concentrated cleaning gunk onto the wall right above the coffee pot.

The coffee pot that was full of coffee.

The coffee that we drink.

Tomorrow, I will be sure to seek out your lunch in the refrigerator.

And touch it

with my hands

after using the restroom

and not washing up.

Just spreading the love my dear.


amyroz said...


Dana Ferrazzo said...

Oh my god! Tina, you have such a way with words.

So, if I were to do this at camp, I might not be invited back?

Debbie said...

Actually Dana, I do this at camp all the time, I just make sure to do it before anyone else gets there.