Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drink it in

Going to quilt camp today...I have one quilt cut out and two projects for stocking stuffers cut out.

It's getting a tad nippy outside and I pulled my new coat out for the first time this year. It's wool and cashmere and I bought it for a song. Too bad I didn't realize until I had already been out in public this morning that I still had the price tag hanging from the armpit. I think they put it in the armpit because someone, somewhere, with far more power than me, contacted the company and said "Dammit! I wore your coat out in public and it still had the tag on it and I looked like a horse's ass!"

So, I was a secret idiot this morning...

I wore my price tag to my celebratory stop at Starbucks this morning to get my "end of the work week latte" (which is not to be confused with the "start of the work week latte" nor the "middle of the work week latte" and it is nothing like the "weekend latte"). I have a tendency to order the same specific drink at each coffee shop I go to. Downtown Starbucks? Cinnamom dolce latte until they have gingerbread lattes in three weeks(three weeks my pets, three LONG WEEKS until 'the man' sees fit to offer it). The Greenery downtown? a White Squirrel (hazelnut, white chocolate, and the milk of human kindness). When crossing the bridge to Superior I have the Bronte Latte at JW Beecroft. When going to Beaners in West Duluth, I have a cinnamon latte and a cinnamon scone.

My name is Debbie...and I'm a latte-holic.

My husband likes good beer and pays a higher price for it. When my brother in law, known by his native name as "He who likes to stir the shit", tried to get me all riled up by saying "Do you know how much your husband pays for a six pack?" I looked at him with all the cold scorn that I could muster and said "Do you know how much I pay for coffee in a month?" As soon as he turned his back, I looked over his shoulder at my husband and mouthed the words "Not THAT much..."

So, I just need to get through the day and then I am off to camp again. Oh, and I have to stop off at the community health center and bleed some more because my tests were conclusively inconclusive. The tests indicate that I do not have full blown rheumatoid arthritis. I also don't have lupus. or ankylosing spondylitis. or feline leukemia, ebola, rabies, or schistosomiasis. Since one test was abnormal, I need to go back to be tested as having the beginning stages of rheumatoid arthritis.

But for now, I'll sip my latte and get through this day. And remove that damn price tag from my coat.

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