Thursday, October 04, 2007


In honor of the 50th anniversary of Sputnik, this blog post will circulate around and around and not really go anywhere.

Please insert that scifi beep whenever you see fit.

I have actually been up to things lately, but I have also been coming down with things too, down with something that I highly suspect is either rabies or ebola...either way, I'm coming to your house and coughing and coughing till I cough your door in.

We had our Charitable Crafters day at Kelly J's Quilt shop last week and there were 42 more stockings by the end of the day

We had a modest turn out...about ten or so people total. Some people just got patterns and fabric and took it home while other people stayed for the day.

And today, the 50th birthday of the beginning of the nerd-gasm for scientists and rocket jocks, I had the day off. I decided to throw some food in the crock pot and then head up the northshore for some leaves and some fabric.

I've spoken about how I love the fabric store in Rush City because they have a lot of repro fabrics but perhaps an even better selection can be found at the Quilter's Cabin near my favorite name on the Northshore, Castle Danger.

Since I'm going to Quilt Camp for the first time next weekend, I figured I should get some quilt squares cut and ready for sewing. I've been collecting reproduction fabrics from the 30's for awhile now and I found a pattern that I'm going to do that is like a log cabin only with big blocks. It really is to show off the fabric more than anything else...

So, I cut the fabric and got it ready to go last weekend. It will be a king sized quilt cuz I have a ton of repro fabric. And I have a friend with a long arm quilting machine and I want a reason to go down to the cities and bug her.

So of course, after having enough squares to make a MONDO quilt, I found some more repro fabrics today at the Quilter's Cabin. And what would be the best way to photograph fabric from the 30's? Why, the answer presented itself on the way home!

There is a store across the road from the schoolhouse and I could just tell that the people were thinking "Wow, cool fabric. Too bad it's owned by a woman who is BATSHIT INSANE."
Yeah, but it looks cool there, doesn't it? And the large blue piece? 94 inch wide fabric! It will fit my big quilt for backing material and I won't have to piece anything! If you don't quilt, this is a big deal as quilt fabric hardly ever is that wide while also being beautiful! It is the Ron Jeremy of quilt fabric...if you understand that reference, I suggest a little time in the confessional.

Before I came home, I went up to the Quilt Corner in Beaver Bay as well. Now, I like this little shop but it doesn't usually have as much of my preferred fabrics. I do love the woodsy flannels and they have a lot of those but I stumbled across some fabric that I recently saw in a magazine called "In the Beginning". Now, just looking at it in the ad or on the bolt didn't grab me nearly as much as seeing it made into a quilt in the shop. I think I let out an audible gasp, grabbed all the bolts that I could find, and nearly tripped getting it to the counter.

Some assembly required

So, I've been getting ready for quilt camp which starts next thursday. Perhaps the most important thing I've done so far though is a little personal statement

Cuz I really just want to blend in with everyone else.

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