Monday, November 26, 2007

Feeling catty

As I have stated, we have new neighbors.
I have been wondering why, since they moved in, that our dog really wants to go to the bathroom in my vegetable garden.
Today, I discovered the new neighbor's cat using my garden as a litterbox.

Now, the dilemma...

Since the weather has turned colder, I was planning on getting some hornet spray to get rid of the hive that has taken up residence in my garden's railroad ties.

The hornets stung me and the dog several times last summer.

Should I get rid of them now or should I let it go for one more growing year and set up a camera to watch the cat in the garden, getting stung repeatedly when the weather warms up. It could be worth some money you know.

I have a feeling that a full blown hornet assult would be the only way to get her to stop using my garden as a toilet.

It's called a natural solution...cruel, but natural.

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Nutty Knitter said...

A friend of mine uses some stuff called "Critter Ridder". Says it's non toxic. Swears by it. I am going to try it next year as my dog has taken a liking to fresh bell peppers.

The stinker in me would secretly love to see the video!