Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I voted with my purple crayon

The election results are in for Duluth and I am feeling quite giddy this morning. My husband and I lean the same way politically but that does not prevent him from having his thinking end lodged up his sitting end on occasion. He was firmly against voting for Ness in the primary because "He's too young" and no one that young could beat anyone put forth by the business establishment and the bigots in this town. Well, Don made it to the final round and I'll be damned if he didn't beat his opponent.

And of course, I am a graceful winner.

I woke up this morning and did a happy dance.

I visited Duluth blogs and squeed.

And I printed off a big "Ness won!" sign to put on the kitchen table for my husband when he woke up.

Now, all I can say is this...Don???? Don't fuck it up!

My daughter went with me to the polls last night, one thing I always stressed as my kids were growing up. If kids see you smoke, they are more likely to smoke. If kids see you drink, they are more likely to drink. If kids see you vote, they are more likely to vote. Which one of these three activities can cause the most damage is up for debate.

Anyway, she is currently a freshman in high school and we were discussing the hopeful air that I feel Ness will bring to this town. She then noted that she will be able to vote in four years. And then she mentioned that she needed to come up with a senior project for school. A project with many facets and mind blowing in it's hugeness.

She then said that perhaps her senior project will be to run for political office.

Insert deer in the head lights look here.

Now, I have talked to her about how Michael Moore ran for school board and won when he graduated high school. Love him or hate him, you have to admire his nerve. And I've always tried to encourage my kids in any positive activities that they want to engage in. I did mention to her that it is expensive to run for political office and the great American public frowns upon it's candidates litering their speeches with profanity, no matter how much it's called for.

She assured me that her senior project was all about learning new things. And learning to fundraise would be a good lesson.

So I used the occasion to put her name down as a write in vote when I was forced to consider voting for a democratic candidate for city council that I didn't like.

One vote down...thirty thousand to go. Check back in four years...

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pistoffnick said...

Regarding Mr. Ness:

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss