Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Face it, you don't deserve competent care

That should be the tag line for one of our esteemed area pharmacies which I use because they have a $4 per prescription drug program for people like me with no insurance. Guess what? This rant does not involve a store that starts with "Wal". More like a store that starts with "Tar" which is very fitting because I have been sinking in their incompetence every since I moved my prescriptions over from, you know, a real pharmacy that doesn't cut any of us full-time-wage-earner-slackers a break.

Until now, it has just involved the pharmacy not being able to coordinate the rocket science that is the auto refill, or the brain surgery that is the "call and we'll fill your prescription and have it ready". But yesterday they elevated the level of incompetence to "We're going to put the wrong drug in your prescription bottle".

Thankfully I am mentally alert enough at 5:00 a.m to realize this. I almost wasn't. Imagine if I were elderly, blind, or just extremly unwell and I just popped those pills in my mouth.

I can handle incompetence in certain areas in my life. Forget to put the flavored syrup in my coffee? Well, we all have bad days. Put the wrong toppings on my pizza? Yeah, that kinda sucks. Put the wrong drug in my pill bottle? Yeah, I have a problem with that...

So I am now going to start a conspiracy theory that I hope is carried far and wide. This is all a part of the present administration's health care plan. Kill all the uninsured and underinsured. Then, when all the flotsom and jetsom in this country are gone, everyone else will be able to pay $400 per perscription, $100 for a bandaid in the hospital, and $49,000,590,354.25 for an MRI. And all the corporate masters will be happy.

Please start spreading this theory........NOW!

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