Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Best Book

My daughter keeps a diary. Not a conventional diary mind you, as my daughter is anything but conventional. It is a drawing diary in which she illustrates her everyday activities. It has been an amazing experience for her as she brings it everywhere, draws in it constantly, and peaks the interest of everyone around her. Many of the curious people end up in the book, which seems to please them to no end.

Recently we saw the San Antonio Taiko Drummers and we went early to a dinner with one of the creators of the group (35 years ago!). As PJ spoke, Marina drew her as a character in her diary. At the end, we encouraged her to get PJ to sign it.

PJ was delighted as was the head of the Reif Center who also got his picture drawn as well as the waitress who was amazed by it. They all signed it and congratulated her on her work.

So now, she has taken her diary to a new level. Now, not only is it a diary of her days but it is also an autograph book. And she is filled with the hutzpah that I so love her for as she hatches her newest plan.

Guess who's coming to town on Monday?

Yeah, Mr. George Clooney. My daughter is determined to draw George and little miss pucker face, I mean, Rene Zellweger as they breeze into town on their press tour for Leatherheads. She is then determined to have them sign it. At least George that is.

Of course she'll be in school (two blocks away from the event) but I think I can support her in this endeavor. I think I can break her out of the big house for a couple hours, stand back, and watch her work her magic.


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Hi there! You are a GREAT writer :)
I love when I stumble upon talented people by complete accident!

I was looking to see if the shop Tinderbox had a website and your blog came up! (Im an Illustrator in Minneapolis) Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you that your blog is a good read. Keep writing!

xo shelli (studio mela)