Sunday, March 09, 2008

Over 10 Million Customer Falls Ignored

While entering a local fast food place this weekend, I almost tripped over a senior citizen who had fallen down between the entrance and the second set of doors. Thankfully, his elderly friend was there to help me get the man back on his feet and when I walked into the restaurant, all of the carbon blobs behind the counter were just staring at us, all but drooling, vacant eyes and mouths agape.

Hello????? Is anybody home?????

Not a single employee walked out from behind the counter and tried to help this man. Not a single employee even asked him if he was ok. No one asked him why he tripped ( he said he tripped on the rug but he was also about ten years older than Methusalah so who knows), and no one even offered him a free flippin' cup of joe.

Now, I realize that none of these things are required. But I also realize that they would at least be things that a kind/caring human being would do for another human being.

It made me incredibly pissed.

And on that note, one day I know I will drop to the ground in front of the bus stop downtown. When I come to, I will be treated to the face of Stinky McPiss Pants, who has been giving me mouth to mouth for the past ten minutes.

As soon as I can sit up, he better offer me a damn cup of joe...

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Nutty Knitter said...

This reminds me of a story a friend told me about a woman being escorted out of the local WalMart after trying to call the police on the 'phone' she pulled from her purse.

The phone was actually a dead bird.

When I asked this friend if anyone contacted authorities (silly me to assume that anyone who tries to make a call on a dead bird MUST be in need of some type of professional help) said friend said no!

Probably the same people who stood behind the counter staring that person who fell between the double doors on their day off.