Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Mother Lode

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It's Mother's Day, early in the morning, and I am on my laptop in bed with a delicious cup of coffee, brought to me by my son. The beauty of this situation is not that he remembered to do something nice for me today, but rather that he remembers to do nice things for me on ordinary days as well.

I'm going to guess that most parents will tell you that their kids are great, at least I hope they would. I've spent a lot of time reflecting on how much I appreciate my kids lately. They are teenagers and as I look at their peers, I am so grateful that my kids are who they are.

They are genuine.

They are confident.

They are funny.

They are compassionate.

They are intelligent.

And, they are creative.

I love that when my son had to do his "Million Dollar Project" for school a few years ago (where the students have to decide what they would do with a million dollars and write up a budget) he decided to spend the day at CHUM and learn how a million dollars could be used to help area homeless families.

I love to see my daughter interact with young kids as she seems to intuitively recognize their interests and creativity and runs with it. She can redirect kids with ease and kids LOVE her. I like to call her "The Kid Whisperer".
I love that my son can write computer programs and create computer games and absolutely baffle me with techno-babble bullshit.
I love it that my daughter has named her vagina "Torpedo Vegas".

I also love that she told me that.

We can talk about serious things. We can laugh about stupid things. We are comfortable hanging out with each other. Most importantly, they are comfortable in their own skins.

The best Mother's Day gift I have ever gotten is the opportunity to be their mom.

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