Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yeaaaahh, I'm going to need you to come in on saturday...

When you have the advantage of job hunting while still gainfully employed and feeling a tad ambivalent about starting a new job, you can actually reach a place in your mind where you are interviewing your potential employer as much as they are interviewing you.

I've been on again, off again looking for a new job since I started my current job and realized I couldn't afford the health care benefits. I know I need to be a big girl and be responsible for the fruit of my loins, but there are days when it's tough to muster the proper frame of mind for a job interview.

I've been on three interviews in the last month where I decided halfway through that I really didn't want the job. As I listen to them expound on the job responsibilities and cleverly skate around questionable personality "quirks" of their present workforce, something in my brain just says "Naaaa, not gonna do it."

I found myself in an interview a couple weeks ago where I was facing four people and three of them were middle aged women who totally set off my spidey-sense. They would drive me utterly insane in a very short time and I would be forced to bring weapons to work to deal with it and it would all end in a horrible blood bath and how would I describe THAT little scenerio on my resume??? Yes, I really did think that as I sat there, listening to them blather on and on while the fourth member of the interview team, a young twenty-something guy, gave me a look of quiet desperation that communicated one very clear thing. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD....RUN!!!!!

It was kind of amusing because as I let my mind wander during the interview, I actually lost my train of thought and ended up saying "Ah crap! Just forget it, it wasn't important anyway." Yeah, they haven't called me back for some reason.

I remember a few years back when I was looking for a job and didn't have a car. I took the bus to the interview and halfway through the interview, they told me that 50% of the job was traveling around the state. Hmmm, this was something they had failed to mention in their ad. I actually chewed them out, told them they were wasting my time, and advised that they change their classified ad to reflect the true nature of the position. The funny thing is, I recently saw the same job advertised in the paper and they went into minute detail about the traveling expectations. It's nice to know that they listen to wackos.

Anyway, this friday I have not one, but two interviews. Let's see how many people I can offend in one day.


Anonymous said...

What type of work are you searching for? Medical? Legal? I am curious as my own search after two years in this town has become a pointless waste of time and energy. At one point I was employed one week before being "let go" and then the massively large and overstaffed HR department changed the job description. Tons of experience and lots of great references meant nothing to them. They denied ever receiving copies of my letters of recommendation from the managers and coworkers. All true, I swear. It's almost eerie reading your blog as similar thoughts have passed on through, somehow never making it out of my mouth. I have been tripping around this town for too many years. Looking forward to leaving again, this time never to return. I am assured of some great opportunities elsewhere. No begging though... I am waiting to see if you find your dream job in a town that has become such a nightmare for me. I am spending waaaayy too much time reading blogs. Maybe the blogs have replaced soap operas. Scary, isn't it? Time to get on the bus and head out of town...

Debbie said...

Unless I can find a job as a recluse in the backwoods of Maine making millions of dollars for sleeping late and watching the fall colors change, I doubt anything that I find would be my "dream job".

Perhaps a realistic dream job would be the position in which you are inspired to bring the lowest caliber weaponry to work.

I'd like a job that would allow me to have health insurance, pay a good wage for a hard day's work, and let me keep my clothes on.

Yeah, not sure if that exists in these parts either.