Saturday, September 06, 2008

More Organic Than Thou

Holy Crap!
I went to the Harvest Festival today at Bayfront for the first time since the very first Harvest Festival fifteen or so odd years ago. Back then, it amounted to a couple pick up trucks with their tailgates down and a card table with three legs, all laden with the fruits and veggies of the area which amounted to four tomatoes and an ear of corn. I was so disappointed that I never returned, until today. Yes, I can hold a grudge for aloooooong time.

I was really impressed! It was like a REAL Farmer's Market. You know, with REAL produce and REAL crafty items to purchase. I mean, I go to the Duluth Farmer's Market about every other weekend and enjoy the people there and what little produce is available but every since I went to the Farmer's Market in Toronto, I have held a deep and abiding belief that Duluth could do so much better. I know the building sucks and a few years ago there was talk of raising money for a new one but I wonder how many people are breaking down their doors to become vendors?

With as many people that turned out to sell today, it seems like a happy medium could be found. I picked up a handy booklet that lists area sustainable farms and I have to believe that some of these folks would come, at least part of the season. I am also convinced that craft types could also be booked in. Hmmmmm. Now all I need is a ton of money to make a new building and get this baby off the ground...right after I take a nap.

I will be placing another buffalo order soon and I sent in a reservation for a half a pig this fall. The pig will come already butchered and not as a horrifying discovery on the doorstep when I come out to get the mail in the morning, although that would be a cool way for vegetarians to force their opinions on people. I've also sent out emails to lamb and turkey suppliers. The less food that I eat, the more I am finding that my sense of taste really picks up on shitty food. Everytime I put something in my mouth I ask myself, is it worth the calories?

Now that I am nine weeks into a fifteen week CSA share, I am finally getting the hang of what must be done to use my veggies up. I am a rather slow study and unfortunately, quite a bit has ended up in my compost bin. We're only getting a two person share and the growing season started out really crappy but DAMN! Now it is crazy! I am so glad I didn't buy a family share because there is no way we would ever use that much produce.

Today I blanched peas and beans and made homemade marinara sauce which I'll freeze. I made it from a variety of heirloom tomatoes, some red, some yellow, and some orange. It turned out a most interesting shade of pink. With basil from my garden, some garlic that I got today at the Harvest Fest, and some olive oil that I purchased strictly because Lidia told me to (Goddamn PBS!), I believe I am turning Italian. My son and I have been cooking together from her cookbooks and recently we made pizza with homemade sauce and REAL mozzerella.

Although I may be very French and I always adored Julia Child, the idea of pate' makes me gag. Someday I want to grow up and get a pasta machine and make ravioli with my son as well.

Somewhere, Madame Defarge is adding my name to her list.

On a totally irrelevant note, my son placed the order for my birthday present a few days ago. It is actually featured in this handy clip:

Our office finished moving last friday and as I plugged my various peripherals into my new CPU, I actually ran out of ports. This was after he placed the order and I started giggling. I can't wait!!!

Now I need to decorate my office...yeah, everyone else wants empowering posters that inspire people to save the world. If I decorated my office like I really wanted to, I do believe my co-workers would shit their pants.

I did just purchase a new calendar.

I'd like something inspirational too. How about this?

And naturally, it's always good to have a doctor handy.

I already have these guys posed on my desk, locked in mortal combat.

And perhaps, just perhaps, I should have one of these behind the door.

My co-workers might be working to save the world, but I'm gonna save the whole damn universe!

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