Friday, December 05, 2008

All I Ever Needed In Life, I Learned From Dr. Who

I guess it's because I know I'm leaving for four days next week but this week flew by incredibly fast and was hardly crazy-making at all. I must admit, the stress levels at work over the past few weeks have really been obnoxious but things eased up enough this week so that I could actually plow through the paper blizzard that was my desk.

I even had enough time to spontaneously develop a mental challenge for myself. What's more, it's a mental challenge that makes me all happy and shiny inside.

I've professed my love of Doctor Who before, it was my quirky favorite show growing up and since it's come back, I've been able to geek out with my kids. I've even rented old episodes for them to watch but unfortunately, they're a little too "modern" for that whole "willing suspension of disbelief" that comes with paper mache sets and rubber wet suit monsters.

Alas, at least we have the new series to geek over. Anyway, at work I am the go-to person when anything, and I mean anything, breaks. Computers? Copiers? Vans? Roofs? Arms? Legs? I am the BREAK DOWN QUEEN.

Usually I don't mind, but occasionally I get a little frustrated when people only need to rub two brain cells together before they open their mouth and all would be well.

So when we had a power outage in our building and one of the technically challenged employees flipped tits because she COULDN'T GET ONTO THE INTERNET WITHIN TWO SECONDS OF POWER RESTORATION and yelled over the wall in a freaked out voice about how I needed to FIX IT, for some reason I just quoted my favorite ass kickin' female from the new series and told her "It's just a blip in the command flow..." I literally froze and covered my mouth, staring up at the top of the wall seperating our offices. I hadn't really meant to say it out loud but what's even funnier is that she said "Oh really??" And by the time she got that out of her mouth, the internet was back up. Now, if only I can get a pair of handcuffs and a screwdriver.

So, the challenge is to use as many quotes from Doctor Who in real life situations as posible. It's even more fun when you can actually say them to a fan and they get this odd flicker of recognition across their face but of course, they'd never ask if know...had a doctor in your life. (or a tardis on your desk...)

This evening, when I took my son to Russian lessons at St. Scholastica, I wanted to do something productive for an hour and I figured that there must be some sort of hiking trail on campus. I went to a Catholic college in Michigan that had a nunnery and we had hiking trails so I put two and two together and came up with Jesus, in the woods, with a crucifix. I was not disappointed.

As it started to snow in the lovely gloaming and I came to a marble staircase in the woods, I grabbed my Ipod and put it on repeat. For an hour, I walked and jogged through the woods to the most heartbreakingly sad song I can think of.

When I got home, I was explaining to my kids what I had done and they couldn't believe that this could have been a good idea. I tried to explain how beautiful the snow falling in the woods was and how wonderfully sad and poetic it was. When they were convinced that I had lost my mind, I told them that "sad is happy, for deep people."

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Shelly said...

Sad is happy, for deep people. So brilliant.

Got an uninitiated friend to watch with me for two hours last night. I felt accomplished.