Friday, December 19, 2008

Silent Night

After having a day of picking up rocks and finding life altering ugly things beneath and knowing that more ugliness is to come next week, I'm looking for ideas of what to do on Christmas Day. We've never done a movie on Christmas Day and that's a possibility but we are simply skipping any real semblance of Christmas this year, no tree, no gifts (we don't usually do much anyway), and no idea where the soon to be ex-husband is. (I'm hoping with his level 7 healer...or at the bottom of Lake Superior).

Obviously, we don't have a ton of money to spend. We have two dogs to look after so I don't feel comfortable leaving the house for a long stretch of hours and we're all feeling a bit shaken and sad. I told my daughter that no, we won't be going through the house and throwing all of his possessions out although I must admit, that has some appeal.

I was hoping for something like baking cookies together or better yet, continuing the ONLY real tradition we have consistently held, FRY SOMETHING! For some strange reason, it has developed that the only time I fry anything is on Christmas Eve. I have a recipe ready to go for homemade doughnuts and at this exact moment in time, the only thing that I know is true is that I intend to make doughnuts.

But I'm up for suggestions. We need to feed our souls and hold onto the most important things in our universe. Each other.


Nutty Knitter said...

My parents have a movie marathon on Christmas day.

My in-laws sit around a table and play cards ALL. DAY. LONG.

If there's snow, we make snow creatures and spray them with food coloring (weird I know, but oddly humorous).

One year, hubby & I didn't have much $$ and we sat around playing games and tried to each make something with only items in the pantry. Some of the odd combos are still cooked today.

Is there a place to volunteer at for a couple of hours (shelter or something)? That might become a new tradition that costs nothing but time... I've run out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Movie to see: Bad Santa , with Billy Bob. : )

amyroz said...

Back home my neighbors ALWAYS did a puzzle over Christmas (one iwth a million pieces) while simultaneously eating ice cream sundaes - with all the toppings layed out in buffet format... I I never put in very many puzzle pieces, but ate my share of the ice cream... Funny but one of my favorite memories with their family.