Friday, January 30, 2009

And Now The Award For Mother Of The Year

Finding out yesterday that my husband has now hooked up with his level seven healer in the flesh leaves me with mixed feelings. I know this woman is so screwed up that I should feel sorry for her. I know this woman is totally falling for his martyr schtick. I know this woman thinks he is the bees knees and wants to "save him". (Wow! a WILLING SAVIOR! Isn't he a LUCKY BOY???)

But this sticky wicket is the fact that she KNOWS he is a pedophile. He confessed to her because he wanted to "start over fresh" with her. Notice he didn't confess to the actual person that could help his daughter, he confessed to the person that would be pulled into his little martyr fantasy. "Oh the world has done me wrong and anything that I have done in response to it is THE WORLD'S FAULT. This has been his life's philosophy for as long as we have been married.

And drumroll please....

She has a six year old daughter.

TAA DAA!!!!!!

Here we go with another sad story of a fucked up woman that thinks she can save a man and is willing to put her child up as jail bait to do it.

The saddest part of this tale is that the child's father can't do a damn thing about getting custody from his wife because my soon-to-be-ex -husband hasn't been charged with anything yet.

Remember what I said about this whole thing taking months and months to resolve? Yeah, time is not on that child's side.


Rebecca Hartong said...

Yeah, BUT... a father doesn't (or shouldn't -- if the judge is the least bit enlightened) have to prove that the mother has hooked up with a molester in order to get custody of a kid. All he has to do is show that he'd be the better parent. The fact that she was cheating on him is a point in his favor. He needs to show that he's more stable and mature and more financially secure.

While it is true that there is a bias in favor of the mother getting custody, that IS changing -- slowly.

If you're in communication with this guy at all, you should encourage him to find a good lawyer (a WOMAN lawyer, just to help with that bias thing) and fight for custody NOW. There's no reason he should wait.

Julie said...

Actually, child protective services should be notified. If you haven't already, tell the prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

I agree! The welfare of the child should come first. Social services may be able to remove the child from the mother's custody (and hopefully place her with the Dad) while they take their time investigating...

Isn't there an 'underground railroad' for parents trying to protect their kids while the legal system spins their wheels...?

Shelly said...

You know...this all sounds good--the comments, I mean--but I've cruised through the custody thing several times while trying to remove my stepchildren from their mother's home, and I gotta tell you, first of all, that the chances of Dad getting custody based on his merits alone is ZERO. ZEE-ROW.

The chances of Dad getting custody of said child because the mother is a nut job? Slim to none.

My step-children's mother was/is and abusive narcissist--She didn't work, couldn't/wouldn't keep a job, the house was frighteningly filthy all the time, the stories of her abuse and insanity were numerous and well documented, and SHE sexually abused my step-son. We went to court three times, and three times we LOST.

Each time, by the way, we had to pay ALL of the court costs, her's included. She represented herself because no lawyer would deal with her, and somehow, she managed to get the court to agree to have US pay HER $3800 for "legal fees".

Finally, when they were teenagers, the children ran away from home and refused to go back. And when we went to court for that? Got custody of the daughter, but not the son.

Long story short--women can do just about anything and not lose custody. What we are seeing unfold in this situation is nothing short of a tragedy, but probably won't be solved by dad seeking custody--what dad SHOULD be seeking, after he attempts to get custody and loses, is a local news anchor. Amazing what can happen when you embarrass a public official...