Friday, February 13, 2009

If This Week Were A Fish, I'd Throw It Back

This week is almost over. A week with no word, no movement, nothing.
At least the arraignment will be next Tuesday. Perhaps STBX and his divorce lawyer will even get something to my lawyer next week. Perhaps, perhaps.

I think I have reached a place in my mind where I have gotten beyond the fact that he contested anything in the divorce. I think now I need to focus my energies on the fact that because he contested something, we will be going to divorce court. By going to divorce court, we will get to talk about all the lovely things he has done. It will no longer simply be irreconcilable differences, It will be a discussion of what a fabulous father he was.

My therapy pixie told me yesterday that she has never seen a criminal case get this far, this fast. That made me shake my head as I feel we've been plodding through quicksand. Patience is a virtue and I appear to be less than virtuous.

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Rebecca Hartong said...

No, it really is moving very fast. Even I noticed, and I'm way the heck down here in Virginia.