Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Power Of Art

My daughter, as I've said many times, is incredibly creative. (Hopefully she'll be heading to art school in a couple years.) She has been her own best therapist for a long time. When I look at her drawings, I am so incredibly amazed at what a strong person she is. We're living this nightmare together and I wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't by my side.

One of the comments that my son made awhile back was that he was repulsed to even be related to his father. His sister drew this for him (his chore around the house is to do laundry) and commented that "not all boys grow up to be their father."

Kill the lights by =mshizuko on deviantART

Carry your weight by =mshizuko on deviantART

Don't paint me agressive by =mshizuko on deviantART

Silver Crimes by =mshizuko on deviantART

The anxiety of by =mshizuko on deviantART

I will take the weight of the by =mshizuko on deviantART

Gestures by =mshizuko on deviantART

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Shelly said...

Amazing work! She is incredibly talented.