Friday, March 06, 2009

And The Story Is

News Flash:

The omnibus hearing was cancelled due to the fact that his lawyer is scheduling a contested omnibus hearing. This is something that this lawyer always does and the county prosecutor has assured me that it is nothing to be worried about.

My daughter and I will be meeting with the county prosecutor next Thursday to touch base and learn what the rest of this journey might be like.

At least with the contested omnibus, more things will happen at the hearing.

Here is what the St. Louis County Attorney's Office says about a contested omnibus:

At a contested omnibus hearing, there is usually testimony from law enforcement officers about the facts being relied upon for probable cause; about statements taken from the defendant; and/or about evidence seized from the defendant. Based on this testimony the district court judge is asked to make a decision whether there is sufficient probable cause for the defendant to stand trial, as well as whether statements and other evidence obtained from the defendant by law enforcement officers are admissible evidence at trial. Only if the judge determines there is insufficient facts for probable cause will the case be dismissed. Otherwise a trial, guilty plea, or other resolution will follow the omnibus hearing.

Hmmmm. Looks like this is when we get to talk about the realities of the case.

I can't wait.

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