Monday, March 02, 2009

Can't Win. Don't Try.

It was probably about three weeks ago (too lazy to go back and read the posts and find out) when the snark princess from the victim's reparation fund told me, as I sobbed into my end of the phone, that it didn't matter what the hell problems I had, she needed a copy of the police report in order to proceed with releasing the funds for my daughter and I to see mental health professionals. I was not allowed to make an appointment until I got their go ahead.

So I called people.

And I called more people.

And finally, the police report appeared where it needed to appear.

I then received a letter that said we had been approved. I was now allowed to go ahead and make our appointments.

I immediately made our appointments and we saw the intake person on Friday.

Today, I got a letter in the mail saying we had been denied because we didn't go to our appointment where we said we were going AND our insurance would cover it.

Hmmmm. Kinda funny since we did go to our appointment and we don't have insurance.

I don't have the energy to scream anymore.

I called and left a message with princess snark. This woman deals with crime victims on a daily basis and is such a bitch that I'm amazed her phone message doesn't say "Please just shoot yourself and make my job easier."

I can only hope that it is her incompetence that screwed this process up. I can only hope that we really haven't been denied and all of this will get ironed out.

Right now though, I don't even know if I have the energy to hope.

I am so very tired.


amyroz said...

I often wonder, at times such as these, "why are there so MANY idiots in the world" - Perhaps it is to teach me patience & tolerance. - both I need to get more of...

Shelly said...

Funny how the people who think that there must be a lesson in being treated like shit never actually NEED the lesson as much as the 'teacher' apparently needs the lesson.

Debbie, I hope you get it ironed out! And by Ironed Out, I mean, I hope you get the opportunity to use a hot steam iron to flatten her nose or something...