Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Think We Should Start Seeing Other People

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Sometimes you have to look at the situation and realize that things are just pathetic, disfunctional, and need to change.

I'm speaking here of my divorce attorney.

Yeah. When you find out that you have been a client of your attorney for three months and two weeks and she hasn't filed ANYTHING with the courts yet...hmmmm. Yeah. Time to switch teams.

Perhaps now, things will actually get moving???

What a concept! Someone will actually be in MY corner for a change!


Shelly said...


What possible reason did she have for doing NOTHING???

Debbie said...

I made the comment to her that I didn't think I could bear to be in the same room as my piece of shit stbx. What she didn't tell me was that after filing for divorce with the courts, within three weeks there is an appearance required in court. She just decided not to file and wait until....armageddon I suppose? All this time I also could have been collecting temporary child support and she never told me about this either, I had to find out on my own. There is so much back story to this whole sordid nightmare that I can't even begin to go into...

She did, when I mentioned temporary child support, bite my head off and tell me that "the ONLY reason you have custody of the kids is because you have an Order For Protection."

Ahhhhh, yeah. And I have an OFP because he is an admitted pedophile. And totally beside the point of having an OFP, I HAVE CUSTODY OF THE KIDS!!!!

Not only does he get to molest them, he gets to move out, fuck his girlfriend, and not pay a single dime for child support!

You would have thought she was HIS attorney!

Now, I have someone who is giving me time tables of when she is going to do stuff...and all I had to do was to put my money paid to the bitch in a pile and douse it with gasoline. And of course, light a match.

Non-refundable deposits SUCK ASS.