Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sleepless in Duluth

Last night involved two whole hours of sleep.

Hey, I must be getting better, two nights ago involved no sleep at all.

Next week's court date falls one hour after my daughter has her first therapist appointment. Nothing like winning mother of the year by dropping your kid off at the therapist and running to the courthouse to see "daddy".

Because I fired my lawyer, all of the paperwork I received yesterday was delayed just enough to make today the day that I need to get everything handed into the new lawyer. Last night was filled with the misery of having to see his loser ass and perhaps being expected to be civil. It was also filled with nightmares of having all my paperwork eaten by the fax machine and my new lawyer getting into a horrible python wrestling accident and being delayed in coming to court because she was dragging a python that was wrapped around her left leg and then there was the car accident on the way to the court house which was caused by the earthquake and tornado. (Hysteria is a dish best served weeping, gnashing, and wrapped in twisted bed covers.)


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