Sunday, March 08, 2009

When Your Palace Is A Crap Shack

Thankfully, our wall guy has a sense of humor. You really have to when you're existing under this roof.

The phrase for yesterday was "ahhhhh...can you come here for a minute?"

Because he is a professional and wants to do the job right, as opposed to half assed like all of his predecessors, he took a special interest in the previous patch job in our wall. He examined it, meditated on it, and then asked me to go outside for a minute and stand exactly opposite to where he was inside. Then he pushed in on the wall. I watched in helpless bemusement as the siding outside bulged under the pressure.

His observation for me when I got back inside was that we have not one, but two load bearing studs that are completely broken in two. I just shook my head and smiled ruefully and told him "Yeah, I have a real problem with load bearing studs."

Thankfully, he can use some extra studs that we had in the basement (who knew) and brace them against the broken studs and screw it all together and hopefully, that part of the wall won't come down like my daughter's ceiling.

There is also another questionable spot on a non load bearing wall that he is just going to put screws in up and down the stud and LEAVE IT WELL ENOUGH ALONE.

As he was mudding the wall that used to be our window, he commented on how it is bulged out. I explained to him that I like my walls bulged out. It is the latest trend in Architectural Digest.

It's already looking better than it ever has.

He is also going to be replacing a few ceiling tiles that had water damage and as he was poking up into the ceiling, he said to himself "Well, look at that!"

This was near the end of the day of too many disclosures and I raised an eyebrow and said "If you tell me that you've just discovered the Anti-Christ in my ceiling space, I am going to invite him down for dinner."

It was just that the past owners put in the present ceiling without tearing out the old ceiling. We have an odd gap between the two.

I told him that it made a convenient place to stash the bodies.

One cool thing that we found was original wallpaper from when the house was built in the early 1900's.

On another note, our new kitty is still looking for a real name. His shelter name is Morris and my daughter wanted to name her new cat Roger but when she brought him home, she discovered that he is not a Roger. Then she thought of Harvey but he is also not a Harvey. He is actually a very feminine looking boy cat and this is only enhanced by the fact that my daughter put a pink color on him.

David Bowie perhaps?
Eddie Izzard?
Anything but Boy George.


Shelly said...

We named our girly-looking boy cat Bailey. Pink collar? Bailey wears a pink leopard-skin pattern collar. Flair.

Guinifer said...

Ummm, Marilyn Manson? Alice Cooper?

Rebecca Hartong said...

Sven? Lars? Bjorn?

You're in Duluth, after all. ;-)

amyroz said...

Kato He/She looks like a cutie! Cloquet??

lesley said...

I vote for Eddie Izzard ... Izzy??