Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cranky and Lovin' It

This morning I am feeling full of piss and vinegar.

Or at least piss.

Just a sec.

There...that's better.

I went to the Y and worked out for a couple hours and ended up staggering outside and being barely able to lift my arms to open my oh so heavy car door.

It's all good.

I then got home to a letter from STBX which is his lawyer's notification that the application for name change has been served. Just seeing that p.o.s's signature makes me cranky.


OK...a little too much testosterone in the air at the cardio center and I am poisoned. POISONED. I'm feeling the need to mark my territory, write my name in the snow, and shoot a small animal.

I took my coffee on the veranda today (white trash illusion: it's a skanky back porch) and as I was sitting very, very still, two squirrels ran up to me and sat about five inches away from my feet as they ate food and chattered away.

Just ignore me squirrels...someday I will eat you.

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