Saturday, April 11, 2009


You know you're living in a bubble when you don't realize that Easter is coming up until you're standing in the supermarket and you see that the Easter candy is half off.

Yeah, not so observant.

I had to run back to the courthouse yesterday and get a copy of the title to our house to the fine folks who will be scheduling the court date for our name change. I think the clerk at the title counter assumed I was making a political statement when I paid the $3.00 fee for a copy of the title in mostly pennies.

Sorry, not an asshole...just kinda broke...

Last night was quite entertaining as I got to introduce my new guy friend to my other friends. I love the Jim Gaffigan routine when he talks about mixing your groups of friends. "You always feel like you have to prepare them ahead of time. You find yourself saying 'See, these guys don't think I drink and don't be thrown by my British accent.'"

I think today will be spent with the kids at the Y. Tomorrow? Perhaps a hike to celebrate the fact that Jesus arose from the dead and filled our baskets with fake grass and chocolate eggs.

Or something like that.

Random thought for the day: If you get a heart or liver transplant and your body rejects it, you get really sick and perhaps die. What happens if you get a face transplant and your body rejects it? Does your face stop working?

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