Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stand Back! I'm An Expert!

So many people that I know of have had issues with infidelity lately. Straight friends, gay friends, people are horrible to each other and seem to have no conscience when it comes to cheating.

As I was waiting in the lobby of the therapists office this week, I read an article about the different online sites where people can go for forums on different marital issues, where one forum will be for the spurned spouse and another will be for the cheaters and every now and then people will lurk on the cheater forum and find their "manhole", et cetera.

Dear f'n God! Is this high school???

There are people that hang out on these forums and act as these all knowing advice givers. Just because you have 2000 posts on a website doesn't give you a degree in marital therapy. It does, however, prove that you haven't seen the sun for months.

Perhaps I'm so incredulous regarding sites like this because it was a similar format where my daughter's molestation came to light.

Here is how this whole nightmare started.

Every now and then I go back and read the thread (which I HOPE AMONG HOPE to have parts read aloud in court). After reading the article on marriage sites like this, and knowing the facts that his manhole didn't willingly bring forth, it still makes me gap at how stupid vast swaths of the human race are.

"Let me give you my expert opinion. After all, I sell cigarettes and beer down at the One Stop. I should know!"

"Expert opinions" while knowing 25% of the facts are even more dangerous. No one even offered up the fact that she has a child of her own. And of course, her final post leaves it looking like she's ALL BETTER NOW THANKS!

I was astounded when someone commented that "no one has heard from the daughter yet", apparently thinking that having the victim of molestation comment to her daddy's girlfriend would be a stellar idea. Yeah, she's going for her psychiatry degree while popping popcorn down at the local cinema.

In fact, my daughter has read this thread. She wanted to know the caliber woman that would actually be taken in by her father.

"Oh my God", she concluded. "They're perfect for each other."

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JB aka JayBee said...

Wow. Simply unbelievable. Thank you for sharing that. I have been reading your blog nonstop for several hours and seeing the details laid bare in that forum, watching how it all played out, and knowing that there is more to come... wow, you are an amazing strong woman.