Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day, Mayday

Next Tuesday is the next opportunity I will have to be in the hallowed presence of STBX. I don't know if it's done for every schmuck couple that are getting divorced or if we're "special" because there is an order for protection involved, but we are kept well apart during the whole process. One in one hallway, the other in another hallway. One at one end of a long table, two lawyers, and then the other at the other end of the table.

I honestly wonder if they think they are protecting me, or him? The fact that we ended the hearing last time with his loser ass self standing at the court room door watching me and me glaring at him, trying to split his skull with the power of my mind leads me to believe that they're protecting him.

Note to self: Start small and practice often...scramble a few eggs with the power of your mind before you go for a human head...

Dinner tonight? SCRAMBLED EGGS!

It's just such a wonderful month, this May 2009. Divorce hearings, child's birthday (what presents? what money?), Mother's Day (because I'm feeling like mother of the year right now), and Contested Omnibus (in which we all get to see him slither around a court room and convince us all that he doesn't deserve anything but the pity of society).

I think I'm going to need a couple dozen eggs before Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

No money, no presents? So what? Make it a memorable and special day despite yourself. Being with your child 100% for an hour or a whole day is the gift you will never buy and they will never forget, long after the plastic stuff is buried in the landfill.