Monday, June 08, 2009

29 And Holding

Remember when I said, after the omnibus hearing, that I felt so confident that the name change would be a breeze? Because, after all, what judge would deny a child the right to change her name when all she wanted to do was get rid of the last name of the man who molested her for years?

And how would he have the cajones to show up in court and contest our name change?

Guess what.

Yeah, you got it.

He showed up in court. And contested it.

And the judge threw it out because we could "handle it" during the divorce proceedings.

All he had to do was to accept the fact that his kids hate him, that his STBX wife wanted to make a new start with a new name and a new future.

But apparently, all that time in therapy in which he has become so "enlightened" has led him to believe in all his old ways. He will sit down on the floor and kick and scream and hold his breath until he gets his own way. And he will fuck with me at the expense of his kids ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

His whole schtick in criminal court was to say that he was confessing because it was "best for his daughter".

Ohhh, but wait a minute...coming to court and saying "I have the right to molest you on a daily basis for three years, make your life a living, screaming hell of temper tantrums and physical abuse, AND you have to keep my name", that's all in her best mental health interest.

It was all laid bare that "his own best interest for his daughter" means nothing. He may have fucked us over today but in 18 days, he might find out that he only succeeded in shooting himself in the foot yet again.

I must admit, I did indeed lose it today. It all had to do with him and his lawyer walking out of the courtroom and his lawyer joking around with him and giving him a congenial slap on the back as he walked to the elevator. Isn't it FUN to screw over people that you have done nothing but shit on??? Hooray! Let's fuck'em some more!

That's when I broke away from our group and ran to the elevator and screamed at him that he was nothing but a mother fucking piece of shit. In retrospect, I should have screamed "baby fucking pedophile", I'm sure that would have garnered more interest. However, all I heard were the approaching footsteps of one of my friends, chasing me down and trying to latch onto the back of my sweater before I committed assault.

I turned around before I could get close enough to strangle him, before the security guard even had a clue, and walked away.

He just stood there with a delighted little smirk on his face.

He had succeeded in fucking with me. He had succeeded in making himself, once again, to look like the victim.

I knew I should have said "baby-fucker"

Well, because The Decemberists have a song for everything, here is a song dedicated to what a wonderful dad he was today.

When we got home, my daughter had finally had enough. She created this invitation to the sentencing on June 26th. She would personally like to invite everyone to show up and be there to see what happens. What her father has failed to fathom is that sometimes it is just best to tip toe past the hive of bees instead of finding the biggest fucking stick around.

This is why my daughter ROCKS.


Bad Cat! said...

Well, at least you know that he had to pay a lawyer lots of money to show up and postpone somethng that will happen anyway.

Debbie said...

The most ironic thing about ALL of this is that he has impoverished himself with a criminal lawyer and a divorce lawyer when, with his limited income, he would have qualified for legal assistance FREE OF CHARGE! And he would have qualified for a public defender FREE OF CHARGE and they both would have accomplished exactly what he has gotten so far.

But BOO WHOO! If he weren't impoverished, I guess he wouldn't be a victim now, would he?

KiminMN said...

I don't know how I ever ended up reading your blog, MN connection somehow I suppose, but I wish like HELL I could be in the courtroom on the 26th. Your daughter definitely rocks!