Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fuck You Butter

Never tell me I can't do something.

And never make fun of my domestic skills.

Since I got home from work I've been making a homemade cake for our work party tomorrow and I've made two loaves of handmade (note-NO BREAD MAKER) bread.

And when a friend at work laughed at my Mad Martha plans and asked if I was going to churn my own butter tonight, I took it as a personal challenge.

Tomorrow I will bring into work fresh home baked bread, a baked from scratch chocolate black out cake (complete with homemade pudding for frosting) and a jar of hand churned butter.

(My Corgis LOVE watching cooking shows on tv and a live demonstration can keep them enthralled for hours)

Or as I'm calling it, "Fuck You Butter".

You should have seen it when a co-worker challenged me to brain surgery back when I worked on the ambulance...

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Wulfgar said...

Or as I'm calling it, "Fuck You Butter".

Posts like this are why I continue to read your blog.

You, madam, are all KINDS of awesome!