Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Soul Will Take A Big Mac And Fries

I've had three people in the last week ask me, after finding out what my kids are doing to wash all this crap outta their heads, what I am doing for myself.

We are going to Convergence this weekend, but I wouldn't really do that unless my kids wanted to. It will be a long tiring weekend and I'm sure I'll show up to work on Monday tired and exhausted and cranky so, not really sure it counts as something I'm doing for myself.

Since I'm already using my vacation time this summer for a trip back to Michigan, I'm looking forward to banking my vacation time for awhile and perhaps looking into getting a scholarship for an Outward Bound adventure next summer. I would love to move back to Maine someday and I spent enough time sailing off the coast of Maine to know that it's something that feeds my soul.

But for right now, especially after his lawyer cancelled the divorce hearing yesterday, I apparently have miles to go before I sleep.

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