Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventure and Loss

Things are gathering steam here at Castle Disaster (Just down the road from Castle Danger).

Five days until Ms. H is off on her big adventure.

We're living in parallel lives. She's going through all her possessions and deciding which to pack, which to give away, and which to store. The house looks like it was cleaned by the Tasmanian Devil.

It's an adventure. There are times when I try to touch on subjects such as "it's really going to be hard going to a big school where you don't know anyone" or "you know how you hate fake, plastic, materialistic people? You are about to enter the land where it all began."

And I get the "yeah mom, I know..." pat phrase.

And I try to hide my part of this equation. I have learned over the past eight months that nothing good comes from hiding ones feelings but there are times when a good thing is about to happen and you know it is a good thing. You can feel it from the bottom of your broken heart.

That's when you set your baggage aside and let the good thing happen.

Then you wait until you're alone.

And you rename the adventure for your own story.

You call it loss.

It is easy to be brave in the face of anger. It is easy to stand up against what is wrong and say "no more".

It is oh so hard to be brave in the face of love.

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