Thursday, August 06, 2009

Club Ped

I knew that STBX would be transferred soon so I've been checking in to see where he would go.

I was told my certain powers that obviously were not in the know that he would not be going to the sexual offender correctional facility in Moose Lake. I was concerned about this because a friend of mine had her perp go there and he proceeded to have an affair with his therapist.

Well, that is exactly where he is now. Club Ped. Doesn't he look happy? Proud of himself? Protected from all those that would do him harm. I'm guessing that they all gather round and talk about their conquests and what a great thrill it is to fuck small children.

It even looks like a college dorm setting. Albeit, a STATE college dorm.

And hey, he's just down the road a piece. Nice and close.

It sounds so incredibly insane of me but my skin is on fire today.

This is how you coddle a pedophile. Hey, maybe HE'LL be lucky and score with his therapist! Maybe she'll even call him "daddy" when they're doing it...


Anonymous said...

Holy sh*t...that is the face of evil.

Anonymous said...

Frankly that's just disgusting! Hope he dies - accidently - of course! Maybe from complications of castration. Or perhaps a trip and fall down several flights of stairs. Or maybe from an overdose of sperm in his stomach?
Tabatha (friend in Folsom)