Friday, August 21, 2009

My One And Only True Love

I'm getting a little excited to be going back to Michigan for vacation tomorrow morning.

Yes, there will be friends. Yes there will be family. There will also be Halo Burgers. (Dude, where in god's name did they get the music for their website??? Why does a website for a burger chain need music that has a slightly sleezy loop to it???)

If I learned nothing else from my childhood, I learned that green olives have a very prominent place on my hamburger.

So sayeth the Halo Burger.

I am not a consumer of fast food but I have stopped dead in my tracks over the last few days and people have actually commented on the visible thought bubble that appears over my head. It's got Halo Burger fries in it. And burgers with green olives.

I can taste the salt from the fries.

I dreamed last night a dream of being about ten years old and being at Halo Burgers and I never remember my dreams.

Some people want to go back to their hometown and visit their old school or their old make out place.

I want meat.

And fries.

and lots of green olives.

Oh, and there was that ice cream place just down the road...


tamara said...

1) The Anchor Bar in Superior has a very yummy cream cheese & green olive burger...

2) The best ice cream in Michigan is near South Haven, Michigan, at a little shop called Sherman's Ice Cream. For me, going there is a thing of the past now that my grandma has passed away, but they have wonderful ice cream.

When I was about 5 or so, my grandma told me I could have anything I wanted on the menu. I chose a marshmallow & hot fudge sundae made with blue moon (blueberry flavored) ice cream. I got so sick that to this day, I have never been able to eat blue moon ice cream again.

Enjoy your vacation, friend. :)

Anonymous said...

The Anchor Bar has the BEST burgers in the WORLD! And a cool atmosphere to boot!

superiorfan said...

I agree on the Anchor cream cheese & green olive burger. One of the best! Also like the Blue Cheese Burger.