Friday, August 28, 2009


So, what does the perp talk about when he is finally caught after imprisoning a child for 18 years and forcing her to have his children? The first one when she was 14?

Why, he talks about how he's not that man anymore.

Why, he talks about how his life was changed by the birth of the two little girls that he got from raping a child.

Why, he talks about how he NEVER touched the two little girls.

What seems to be missing in all of this is his first victim. The girl he abducted and raped and impregnated and imprisoned for 18 years. The life he ruined for his own personal gratification. That doesn't seem to matter.

To think, this man was a convicted sex offender and had a parole officer. He had a wife and neighbors and a supposed life.

I can't even imagine what a story like this does to families with missing children. I know that I can listen to this man's rambling justifications and just shake my head.

I've heard this crap before.

He thinks this is a heartwarming story.

I guess he doesn't think that there is anything wrong here.

The victim is once again the "black hole". It's like they are pixelized in the perp's mind. They don't exist. They don't have feelings. They are simply a means to an end.

And a question I'm just waiting for the news media to ask? Why didn't she escape...

It will come. It will be put back onto her. It will be an expectation of a society that has no concept of what this poor child went through that she should have escaped. She should have figured out how to get away.

At that point, the media will need to be dragged out back and beaten with a stick.

I will gladly donate the stick.


Rebecca Hartong said...

I *really* don't think a stick will do the job. I'm thinking an iron bar might be a start.

Anonymous said...

God I was just reading the story yesterday and this morning. I was thinking the same thing as you. While you supply the bat for media, I'll donated the rope for the perp. May he rot in hell both here and in his next life. The poor woman and her children, will they ever be ok? Maybe, but I don't think they'll ever have fantastic lives. He is the true sense of a monster.

superiorfan said...

Read this story yesterday also. The part about the neighbor lady questioning things and her husband saying to just leave them alone. Sounds like they didn't know his history? Why? This is why those registries are good. I want to know if someone like this lives next door. If I see something suspicious I'm going to get involved and contact the authorities. If need be do a little snooping around.

Being a guy some of the thoughts I had reading this was the guilt the stepfather must have felt these years as he saw what happened yet could not do anything about it. Then the thought of being a suspect and people going "ya right you saw it, maybe you did something". How that would be to live with while wondering what became of your stepdaughter. The loss of hope of ever knowing what happened or finding her.

The other thought is the overwhelming desire to kick the crap out of the perp every day for the next 18 years.

More importantly now is how for him to become a supporting family member of her and her children. Where would one start?

Anonymous said...

As more comes out on this story, I get sicker and sicker. There really is no true way to serve justice to this man and woman who tore the very innocence out of Jaycee. I also read that the children did not know that their "father" raped their Mother and that is how they came into this world. They are going to find out soon. What is going to happend then? The saddest part of it all? Soon will come the morons with their comments on how she could have escaped. I pray that those who do find their lives ripped apart and then questioned why they did not do something different. I am so sick of this crap! I hope they set up some kind of donation center for Jaycee and her daughters, because no matter how broke we are she is broken. I want so much to reach out and help in some way. I know there are thousands of others that feel the same way. Remember when you did the donations for your sons camp? How does one go about helping set one up or find out if one has been set up? Nightmares for life for these poor people. I do pray that the Mother and Stepfather of Jaycee are able to reconcile and help their daughter and grand daughters.