Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rescuing The Child From The Cheeseheads

Dear Wisconsin,

No offense, but if I travel beyond Superior for the next year, please shoot me. Just set up a line of state patrol vehicles with the officers posed behind their open driver's side doors, guns drawn.

The second I cross the city limits into the great unknown, open fire.

Eleven hours of driving twice in one week is too much.

Especially when you discover that Chippewa Falls is actually the lost village of Brigadoon.

Road work at the Chippewa Falls exit? Follow the detour? Around in a circle? All the way around until I get right back to where I started? Never even saw a damn town anywhere?

Hmmm. Nice city, Chippewa Falls. Does it only appear once every hundred years?

Space Camp went well. I guess only one kid ruptured an ear drum while diving and the classes were cool and the experiments were interesting.

All in all, a positive experience.

Now? I won't be driving for awhile. At least five or six hours...


Anonymous said...

Dear Minnesota

According to 99.928% of the population of Madison, Wisconsin ends at Eau Claire. Chippewa Falls does not exist and everything North must be Canada.

Debbie said...

Is that why I'm always compelled to go ooout abd aboooout?

JB aka JayBee said...

I'm happy to hear that your son had a good experience at Space Camp.

If only you could have beamed him to Wisconsin instead of driving him.