Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bear Patrol

The car repair dudes forcibly removed a growling bear from under my hood yesterday. They told me I needed new belts but I know there really was a bear involved. It sounded like a Kodiak perhaps, or a brown bear. I had been tempted to wait it out for Grizzly status but it was starting to make me nervous. What if it wanted fish?

I also was realizing that my tires were pretty bad. I was squealing on turns and people were whipping their heads around and saying to their friends, "Holy shit! Was that a bear?"

So I had it fixed yesterday. Now comes the waiting...

You see, there are certain gods of auto repair that conspire with the gods of fate. People are the pin balls in their endless quest for amusement.

Put $500 into your car? Within two weeks you will total it. It's a promise.

It might happen while you're in it, it might happen when you're in the grocery store and a cement truck veers out of control and plows into your car, or perhaps, just perhaps, it might spontaneously combust while it's parked in your driveway.

Should the latter happen, I'm parking it right next to the house for the next two weeks.

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Shelly said...

Any time I have had any type of automobile breakdown, it is on the same day that I completely fill the gas tank. Now, everytime I fill it up all the way, I think something is going to happen.